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"Significant architecture needs good lighting design"

Schlotfeldt Licht is the lighting design firm for architectural projects.

Over 200 national and international projects show our experience and expertise in lighting design.


​To design concepts for the action of light in architecture together with  architects and building owners is an important aim.

Further more to find solutions for creative visions on the basis of technical possibilities and to realize those consistently in our projects.

Four our planning it is important to consider the human being and his visual and emotional needs.

The effect of day light and artificial light on the surrounding architecture is compiled in the design visualized and transferred into the planning.

This way a lighting architecture is created which joins high quality with thematic effect on the basis of an innovative and ecological way of thinking.

More and more a high demand in architecture requires specific solutions in light planning and product design.

Their development and testing in close corporation with architects and producers is another main focus of our work, therefore we can offer product development. In many cases, our product design has already won design awards.

" The key is Light and Light illuminates shapes and
shapes have an emotional power ."
Le Corbusier

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