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Ice Cube

Floor light

Designed by a cooperation of Tom Schlotfeldt with
GMP - von Gerkan, Marg and Partner - one of the
leading international top offices for architecture,
the office floor lamp ICE CUBE has been developed
and produced from the lighting specialist Zumtobel
Staff, who is not only a competent partner
in terms of design but also in low energy consumption.
The concept combines the advantages of direct
and indirect lighting in one: the direct component
provides an efficient, low-loss
lighting upon the taskarea, the indirect lighting
brightens the room. The cubic luminaire-head of
ICE CUBE and it’s satined, translucent ‘shell’ is infinitely
adjustable in it’s height.

Design Tom Schlotfeldt and Nikolaus Goetze


Recessed ceiling light

The downlight “Neum” provides a completely glarefree
lighting for individual furnishing. The T5 fluorescents
work very energyefficient. In the middle
part, spots, loudspeakers or other technical components
can be integrated.

Design Tom Schlotfeldt

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