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Manufacturer iGuzzini


Light family

iPlan is a lighting system for offices and work spaces with an extremely fluid and minimal design. The product is designed by Tom Schlotfeldt, a German lighting designer and the architectural firm GMP with precious support from iGuzzini.

Designed to provide soft, diffused and glade-free light. The range of fittings guarantees visual ergonomics which are directly propotional to the correct colour balance and chromatic quality of the light.

iPlan is available in direct and indirect/direct versions and includes the innovative methacrylate microprism optic which ensures precise control of the light emitted in order to obtain an even spread of light across the micro optic system.
There are various versions - suspension, wall mounted, ceiling and floor mounted luminaires all with excellent luminance control, ideal for spaces with monitors requiring the highest level of visual comfort.

The iPlan range utilises fluorescent sources as well a high performance LED's. The iPlan LED versions are extremely compact due to the minimal thickness and with a very homogenous and highly efficient light surface, even with a low number of LEDs.
The screen can be opaline or microprism. The technological innovation of applying the new LED sources on the perimeter of the light body ensures that part of the light produced is directed downwards by the bottom of the fitting with a highly efficient mirrored reflector. This ensures that the concentrated light of the LEDs is 'mixed' and softened by the microprisms on the internal surface of the diffuser.

In order to achieve maximum light, and therefore energy efficiency, the fitting is hermetically closed in order to prevent dust from entering and compromising the optical performance of the internal surfaces populated with LEDs.

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