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Manufacturer BPS


Floor light

For Greenpeace and the company’s offices in an old
warehouse located at the Hamburg Fish Market we
developed this office floor luminaire together with
the designer Oliver Ellerbrock and the manufacturer
It was also a basic intention to avoid undesirable
shadows on the ribbed ceilings and to achieve
great flexibility. The office luminaire is made from
wood and equipped with energy saving bulbs. The
wiring is fabricated without PVC components, we
designed the use of aluminium – except for the reflector.
All laquered surfaces are solvent-free and
all components of the luminaire are just screwed
to one another, so that the materials can easily be

Designer Tom Schlotfeldt and Olivier Ellerbrock


Floor light

Designer: Tom Schlotfeldt/Hadi Teherani/Olivier Ellerbrock

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